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My daughter is currently using it and has completed all of the initial assessments from which she has realized where her strong points and weak points are, and she is focusing on boosting her knowledge so she can do well on the ACT in the spring.


I am actually very excited to see her final results and know that MathCelebrity is the tool she needed to lift her confidence to tackle the test.

Tere Scott

Puddle Jumping

The first math lesson, Plug in Numbers, made so much sense! Nobody ever taught this particular math explanation to me like this! There was a huge aha moment when everything clicked to me.


One thing that helps is that, on the quiz, once you answer a question you can then get an explanation about how you go about getting the correct answer. That is so great as it then helps you do better as you go. So, if you got the question correct or not, it is still good to review the question and make sure all the steps were taken to get to the right answer.


In my opinion, this is set up how I feel an SAT prep course should be set up. Very user friendly, very simple, but yet there is a lot of information. I know I was learning math in a new way in just the first math lesson! I think this would be a great prep course for anyone looking to take the SAT test!

Jennifer Simpson

My Own Green Grass

My 15 year old daughter's test anxiety has caused her to shut down on formal testing. We have used the MathCelebrity ACT and SAT Mastery Toolkit to work on her test-taking anxiety and show her what areas she still needs to work on.


After looking over the information, questions, quizzes, and tests, I wish this had been available back when I was getting ready for college.


Today competition is much stiffer and it's important to know what you are doing before you take the tests. I highly recommend signing your high school students up for success by having them use the MathCelebrity ACT and SAT Mastery Toolkit throughout their high school experience.

Erin Amundsen

Amundsen House of Chaos